What is Improvention?

Dedicated to the art of unscripted theatre, (also known as improvisation), Improvention is one of the largest showcases of spontaneous performance, anywhere, bringing together well over 100 improvisers from every corner of the globe. The festival includes theatre shows, workshops and convention sessions held in Canberra, ACT, Australia.


The program of performances features a mixture of traditional short-form improvised theatre (such as that seen in TheatresportsTM and Whose Line is it Anyway?) and an eclectic mix of the most exciting new works of unscripted drama, music theatre, experimental & physical theatre, and more. Previous editions of Improvention have included unscripted performances Inspired by Strindberg (by Sweden’s Per Gottfredsson), Spoken (by US improviser Randy Rixon), Rock Opera (by Australia’s Tim Redmond), What would Shakespeare do? (by Australia’s Jenny Lovell) and Canberra’s own The Displaced. The Performance Program also houses the Canberra Impro Challenge which is in its twelth year in 2016. View our showcase (TBA) or book tickets online at The Street Theatre, home of Improvention 2016.


Workshops are held daily by leading Australian and international improvisers and theatre practitioners. These workshops vary in content from an insight into a particular improvisational skill such as characterisation, the examination of an improvised theatre performance format, to an exploration of other theatre forms or methods that can be utilised in unscripted theatre such as puppetry and mime. Workshop packages can be booked on-line right here. They can be purchased individually or in a group.


Improvention also includes presentations and forum discussions of Improvisation and Unscripted Theatre as an art form from leading instigators in the field and the greater arts community. Improvention’s convent section explores the wider applications of Improvisation as a tool to promote positive behaviours, improve communication skills and foster creativity. In 2016, there is a special focus on gender issues in improvised performance.