Platinum Room

Platinum Room

Muso Micetro & The Holey Book

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From across the Tasman and the Strait come two fantastic one-act pieces that provide a Platinum finish to the 2012 Improvention Festival. Music and Theatre at its best and most unscripted!


The Street Theatre- Street Two


7th of July



Ticket Price

$38 – adult
$32 – concession
$32 – Group 5+
$32 – Impro ACT members


Act 1 50minutes, Act 2 40minutes with a 20minute interval

Act 1 – Muso Micetro

Musicians and improvisers alike will be pitched against each other in this directed short-form competition. As improvisers are eliminated they become the musicians in the show. Brought to us from N.Z’s Robbie Ellis, it will be music to our ears.

Act 2 – The Holey Book

The Holey Book is a script with “bits missing.” This hybrid, partly scripted play sees improvisers picking up the narrative after the script runs out. The Improvisers are given a five minute window at the start of the show to discuss the script (this is done on stage). This allows them time to determine significant pieces of information within the script and important events that could happen to compliment the script. The audience will also receive a script in this time to read over. Brought to us all the way from Tasmanian director Rowan Harris and script writer Finegan Kruckemeyer, this Holey Book will have the audience intrigued by the interplay between script and impro.

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