Impro Discovery – Learn to Improvise at Improvention

gambinoLearn to improvise, yourself, during Improvention. Here’s a great way to find out what it’s all about.

“Impro Discovery”

A workshop for any level, including complete beginner, or actors from other areas of theatre without specialised experience or confidence in improvisation. Concentrating on scenic theatre, rather than games, Mark will show you a way in to making improvisations tick.

Was that the shuffle of feet? The dart of a person’s eyes? A pause before answering?

Everything is an offer. So often, an impro scene can move so fast, we may miss the smallest queues that something else is actually going on. That’s where the scene is. From the very first offer, you have everything you need to tell your story.

A workshop for all levels of improviser, Discovery will endow participants with the skills required to bring calm and control to their work. Drawing on elements of Meisner practice and the principles of clowning, practical exercises will be mixed with masterclass work to help each performer create a scene with this simple ideal: Discover, rather than invent.


PASH – Suite 301, 20 Allara St, CIVIC


10:00am-1:00pm on Saturday 19 July, 2014

BOOKINGS: to secure your place immediately (workshop only) or email Nick on

About Mark Gambino

An improvisation specialist from Melbourne, Mark Gambino is a nationally respected teacher, performer and show director. At Improvention 2014, he will direct “Framed Up” on July 18th which creates scenes inspired by project photographic imagery.

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